So, my weekend of fun begins!

I have packed my cute new bag (a £1 charity shop find the other day!) and am off to see the family! We're going to Brighton for my mum's birthday tomorrow, which will be awesome. I heard it's going to be a miserable and rainy day, but with Roly's Fudge Pantry nearby I'm pretty sure nothing can dampen my spirits!

My student loan has arrived, but is looking considerably less ample after giving Alex a cheque of over £1000 to cover the next few months rent etc. But I'll bury my head in the sand for now and spend with wild abandon anyway. Spend now, think later. That's my potentially life ruining motto!

Back soon, with a Brighton 'haul' post! Still not sure if I like that term... I'm taking my new laptop on my travels with me so I should be able to blog whilst I'm away if I have time.

Hope you're having a scrummy week!


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