Shoulda put a ring on it...

[EDIT: Have realised the images in the post are ridiculously big, but am late for work now so can't sort it out! Sorry x]

'Sup doodz!

Sorry for my wall of silence in the last couple of days, I'm battling this bloody cold! It has now moved to my chest and I have a very annoying and gross chesty cough and can't breathe properly. Do you ever get it when you can't breathe all the way in? I keep getting it since I've been ill. I feel like I want to take a really deep breath but I can't! Strange!

Anyway, tales of my phlegmy/dysfunctional lungs are definitely not what you signed up for so let's crack on with looking at pretty stuff!

My latest lusts have been aimed at quirky jewellery. I am always pretty skint, so if I have some money spare I'm more likely to spend it on clothes than investing in jewellery. But lately I'm realising that cool jewels can really make or break an outfit. As soon as my student loan arrives (20th September, hurry up, damn you!!!), I'm definitely going to address my bling-less existence.

Here's the cute jewellery that has been catching my eye recently...

EPIC letter rings by the super cool blogger/designer Wendy Brandes:

Polka dot and Leopard necklaces from Monsoon and Asos:

Hmm, this Stolen Thunder necklace could be made for me if my latest video blog is anything to go by!

I love this blingy bumble bee from the Etsy shop, Michael and Rachel (check out Rachel's style blog here!)

I'm loving this unique and awesome necklace from Me & Zena:

Last but by no means, this super cute french knuckle ring from Asos. They only have it left in a size small, and I doubt I'd fit my digits in it. They're a medium at best!

Any other ideas where I can find cute jewellery like this?

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! Hopefully my germs won't hamper my performance in the pub quiz tomorrow. Did I tell you we won the jackpot last week? £15 each! I didn't actually contribute much at all in terms of knowledge, but I believe my role as general team morale booster was as important - if not more - than knowing stuff about other stuff. ;)


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