Tuesday Tip: You tell me!

Hey chicks and chaps!

I've had a hellish week so far. Back down to earth with an almighty crash after my fun times at fashion week. I returned to uni yesterday which was depression central. Dissertation this, 4-day week that... Bleurgh. It's amazing how draining just sitting on your butt and scrawling the odd key word into a notepad can be!

All of this upheaval has distracted me and made me forget today was a tip day! I've been at work all day and then went straight for a meal with my pal Emily before realising I'd totally forgotten to prepare a tip! Don't worry though, next week I have something big planned. I actually have a whole page of future tips, it's just finding the time to take photos and write them up, etc! Especially now I have a chocka uni schedule. I will make every effort to keep Tuesday Tips alive, though! Dissertation Smissertation.

So this week, I've decided to ask you to be the tippers. Please share with me (and eachother) your favourite fashion or beauty tips. Have you just discovered a really awesome product you can't live without? Tell me! This will also serve as my shopping list once my student loan comes in!

My nerve-wracking life has led me to some serious comfort seeking. I've been eating loads of naughty things (I genuinely believe I consumed about 4000 kcals yesterday) and wearing lots of cosy stuff. I picked up these super cosy slippers for £3 in Primarni yesterday! Loving them!

(leggings - topshop, cat - model's own)

How's your week going so far? Is anyone else feeling the back-to-school stress?



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