LFW: Street style & behind-the-scenes!


I have had a wicked couple of days at LFW... Have been trying to think how best to post about it because there's quite a bit to chat about... But I couldn't decide, so I'm going to just start now and go with the flow!

So yesterday saw my first assignment with ASOS. I met up with some of the team (who were bloody lovely) and took lots of street style pictures of cute guys and gals. And a few freaks too, obvz! Later on we met up with the gorgeous ASOS Nat, who set me the extra assignment of taking pictures of the models (just accidentally typed 'moles' in haste!) backstage at the Hannah Marshall show! My comfort zone was a dot on the horizon, but you don't exactly 'No, ta' an opportunity like that. I bumped into Mademoiselle Robot and Bitchbuzz beforehand who calmed my nerves and advised me not to be freaked out by the pandemonium and to just snap away.

That advice was actually pretty helpful because through that door it was quite mental, and I'm sure I would've felt a bit intimidated without the little pep talk! But there were so many photographers in there it was easy to blend in with the crowds and take pics. It was so fun to see that side of a fashion show. It was like a really fashionable speed-dating event. Manicurists, makeup artists and hair stylists going from one girl to the next, while the models sat there totally unfazed and accustomed to the hysteria!

I'm waiting on Kam's (one of the ASOS gang) swishy photos of my street style subjects (I took loads of my own but my camera is a bit unreliable), then I can repeat most of the above over on the ASOS blog. Until then, here are my favourite pictures from Day 1. (Have uploaded more photos on my new Flickr account)


I didn't get an outfit picture, but excitingly, Fashion156 papped me!

I wore my H! by HeHo jumpsuit, Topshop jacket and charity shop bag/boots. True to form, I was utterly rough around the edges. I had a safety pin keeping my boobs at bay, some peach coloured thread gradually unravelling at my ankles where I'd taken the trouser legs in, and my sunnies were brought back from the dead that morning on the train using the screw from another pair of glasses. And some tweezers as a screwdriver. Hmm.. There are some style secrets I should really keep to myself!

Oh, here are my nails (the awesome ring is a gift from Me & Zena - it got a lot of attention!):

So much other stuff to talk about... the Orla Kiely presentation, the Louise Gray show this morning, meeting so many amazing bloggers (won't even attempt to list them all right now), accidentally striking up convo with the awesome and laid-back fashion editors of Vice Mag in the press lounge earlier... I'll gradually unleash these tidbits further in the next week or so!

Right, I'm off to refresh style.com for a bit... Can't wait for them to upload the HOH and Unique shows so I can see how my faves envisage our SS11's!

Have you been following the fashion weeks much? Shall I do any catwalk reviews if I particularly love or hate something, or is that just a snooze-fest? Tell it to me straight!


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