Farmyard fun

Hey hey!

I thought I'd share some funny pics from my trip home at the weekend to visit my mum and sister for mother's day. We visited Blackberry Farm 'The Fashion Farm' eagle-eyed readers may recall from last year!

Me and my sister are obsessed with animals so it was very selfless of mum to suggest a trip to the farm! We did feel slightly out of place being the only visitors without small children with us. Especially whilst barging toddlers out of the way when it came to animal handling time! Haha! So, here's some highlights:

Chillin' on a tractor. Or something?

(Jacket - Topshop, Dress - Primark, Boots - chazza, headscarf - H&M)

I loved this rebellious orphan goat-baby! He kept jumping from his enclosure into the Guinea Pig enclosure to eat their food!

Caught red-hoofed!!

We also met this little Catten (smaller than a cat, bigger than a kitten!) who was so friendly and dosile that she literally fell asleep in my sister's arms. Shannon proceeded to carry her around the farm for much of the afternoon.

Me hanging out with a little bird! Sobbing toddlers just out of the shot. (Just joking, everyone got their fair share of animal playtime! After I'd had my turn.)

Some cheerful farm imagery for da kids!

We met another friendly cat whilst sitting down for a cuppa. Mum got us a 'hot chocolate' which turned out to taste like warm muddy water. As it was mother's day I tried to force it down to be polite, but whilst she was in the toilet I tipped it out on the grass. Then Shannon got the 'crying thing' as we call it, when you feel really racked with guilt/pity for someone and want to cry. Haha! So we confessed to mum the hot choc was an insult to our tastebuds, and she went into the cafe and politely explained their error, and we got some free Slush Puppies instead. Woo! It pays to complain, people.

(Friendlycat was lying on her back on my lap! So cute!)

I was glad to note the farm hadn't lost its fashion sense since my last visit, with the appearance of some dungarees - all the rage this Spring/Summer! The scarecrow was truly ahead of its fashion years with its twig-for-a-hand look, which is tipped by some trendspotters to be a key look for A/W 2014. It's an avant-garde (not to mention painful and irreversible) style statement only to be attempted by the most dedicated fashion followers.

Other highlights of my trip home included my mum and I abusing my Shannon's beauty know-how (she's studying beauty at college). She tinted my lashes and brows, and plucked mum's eyebrows. The difference a bit of plucking did to mum's droopy eyes was unreal. Only an hour before, she'd been getting me to Google eye surgery for her, but afterwards, they looked so much better! Plucking does make such a difference to your face. It's just occurred to me that if my mother mated with the above Scarecrow, they would quite literally have some droopy eyed armless children, like in the Charlie Sheen rant!

Good god I've said some ridiculous things in this post! It is clear that the stress of my uni work has left me mentally unhinged.

Speaking of which, I'm going to crack on with it. Not really sure where I could've gone after mother-scarecrow mating to be honest!

I'll try and post something clothing-ish tomorrow! Have fun in the sun, UK-ers.


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