What I wore the other day

I got this super cute dress the other day for £15 in New Look's sale. I bought another dress too so I could decide which to keep once I got home, but didn't realise you couldn't get a refund on sale items. Boo! Crummy policy, New Look. But thanks for the lovely dress... Not sure whether to love or hate you right now! 

(Worn with my battered charity shop boots and cute socks c/o Very.co.uk.)

I'm living in my big leopard bow at the moment because I got my hair cut about a week ago and I always get it 'short back and sides' and shaved a bit, but the lady shaved it a bit too severely (not graduated - is that the word?) so I now have a bit of a bowl cut/pseudo monk look going on! Covering it up until it grows out a tad... 

That's what you get when you spend £9 on a haircut at the local Barber I guess! They are usually very good though. Plus haircuts always look better after a week or so, I think. 

Back to the uni grindstone now! 

Have fun in the sun, kids! Please be careful. SPF 30 or GTFO. 


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