On the Naughty Step: Blistex Relief Cream

Let me start off by saying that this stuff is actually one of my miracle products. It is the only lip product I've had that actually treats chapped lips without just glossing over the problem. (Don't excuse the pun, it was a bloody good one!)

My only problem is with the awful packaging! 

Those that own this will know what I mean, but for those that don't: 

- It comes in a flexible metal tube, which if accidentally squished in your bag, will erupt without warning when you next open it. 

- Due to the free-flowing nature of this product, the nozzle of the tube is constantly all gooey and yuck.

- Another pet peeve is that you have to use your finger to apply it, unlike a chapstick, so you end up with a gooey mitt too... (I'm easily annoyed.)


Blistex have recently extended their range to include these exciting looking glosses, massagers and balms. All in different variations of practical, sturdy, plastic packaging. 

So why not their Relief Cream? It is surely one of their best sellers. And I think it would sell more if we were spared the dread of unscrewing the scummy lid to be greeted with a potential explosion of product! Maybe it's all a ploy to make it run out faster so we have to buy more... Hmm! 

Please, Blistex. I love you, but hurry up and make like your American counterpart and get rid of this nerve-wracking, messy and wasteful packaging!

What are your thoughts on this? 



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