Wearing words

Evening gals (and guys?) xo

Thanks for your response to my poll about my 2000+ follower celebrations. Very helpful, and so far, it looks like most people are wanting the best of both worlds - sponsored prizes and ones I've bought too. Will get on the case as soon as I'm done with uni! 

Anyway, I wanted to show you these cute new arrivals in Sophie's shop (Oh My Clumsy Heart). Alex used to work with Sophie and they're still good buddies, and when they met up the other day, she'd made this dictionary badge for him. What a cool idea! Very fitting for my loveably apathetic boy. 

Sophie is also selling dictionary letter badges and necklaces too. 

Sophie tells me that if it's available, you can message her asking for a specific word if there's one you'd particularly like on a badge! 

I'm crud at making decisions so I don't know what word I'd get on a badge. Would probably have to settle on my initial. Or 'indecisive'! I know what my least favourite words are... 'gyrate', 'globule', 'giblets' to name a few... Damn, all the G words! Maybe I ought to rethink getting my initial on a badge... 

What would you get? Share your favourite words avec moi! And/or your least favourite for that matter. There is little I enjoy more than discussing words!


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