Tuesday tip: buy the paper today!


A cheeky tip this week, as my Tuesday Tips have been features in The Times today! You can find it on page 21 of the Times2 pullout, on the Young Times page. Here's the link for anyone with a subscription to the site!

I am so very excited and chuffed to have been asked to be involved! I never realised it would take up so much of the page! Eep!

Outfit credits can be found here!

I did have a 'proper' tip planned today, so will try and get it up after I get back from dinner with a friend tonight.  

I'm refusing to let work, Twitter killjoys or anything else bring me down today! Have surely jinxed myself now, but will do my best to remain in this excited bubble all day.

Hope you all have a lovely day too!

Thank you all for reading the blog and my Tuesday Tips. Your comments and tweets make my day, y'know. 


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