4 Ways to Fake a Good Hair Day

You ever have those mornings where you are just so tired that you throw your hair in a ponytail because it's simply the easiest thing you could do?

Yeah, that is pretty much how my brain feels every morning.

So here are 4 easy ways to fake a good hair day without much fuss or effort (or thought!):

These Berry Bobby Pins are so sweet and easy to use.  Use one for a simple side sweep or cluster a bunch of different designs around your next bun/twist to add some interest + fun!

My favorite way to re-purpose a fun brooch!  I prefer to tuck mine next to a low bob.  This starburst pin is a gorgeous option for all hair colors!

This hair wrap shows how simple + chic one can look without much effort.  Perfect weekend laid-back style.

If you're a ponytail girl like me, you can dress yours up with a simple wide Metallic Ponytail Cuff.  So simple and adds polish to your otherwise boring old pony.

So go ahead…sleep that extra 5 minutes!

xo - Marion


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