Wild Legs

Photos by: Ashley Nudge
Hey fashionable friends,
I have a thing for palazzo pants. They are so comfy and I love wearing them with graphic tees/tanks. This outfit is probably the closest thing to wearing pajamas to class haha. Well, minus all the accessories, but how cool would it be to just be all accessorized the minute you wake up? It would definitely save me time in the morning. Lately, I've just had to plan my outfits the day before because waking up at 7/8 am for classes and also have to pick out in outfit is challenging haha. I'm still half asleep at that time! Thank goodness for coffee though, what I lifesaver.

xoxo Hope

Thrifted Harley Davidson tee
Thrifted Sunnies
Forever21 leopard palazzo pants
Vintage/Gifted accessories
Marshalls purse
Sway Chic booties


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