Five Ways To Wear: The Sweater (and things about cats)

Just checking out the Toppers site and I have two major things to report. 

Firstly I am DEFINITELY entering this competition to make Roxy a 'sock star'. I've always said she should be a cat model but what with the accidental kittens (#throwbackmonday!!) and the resulting saggy belly, it just wasn't to be. But a SOCK, she could totally do. I truly feel she was born for this. Wish her luck, guys! ^_^

Anyway, onto erm, fashiony stuff. Topshop's latest Five Ways To Wear feature focuses on the sweater, an item I personally love. I love blog posts and features that show you a bunch of ways to wear certain items - Rebecca has got to be the blogging queen of that! 

Time to remind myself that I can do a LOT more impressive things with my array of sweaters than bung them on with jeans and hope for the best. Take it away, ladies...

Look 1 is basically everything I want to be and more, so hurry up payday...

I salute you, Topshop! Thanks for the wardrobe inspiration. 



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