Moments of the Week

Proud Moment

Dear Spirit Airlines,

I have never heard of you before, so I didn't think much about it when I booked my ticket to fly on you for a quick getaway this week.  But then I received an email from you telling me that you will charge $100 for a carry on bag!  Um, hells-to-the-no.

With the determination of a woman who did not want to get bent over by a large airline, I edited my clothes/make-up for the trip and placed everything neatly + easily into my purse.  I win.

xo - Marion

Awkward Moment

I walked down the aisle of my Spirit Airplane looking for my seat - 10A.  When I arrived to row 10, a man was seated in the middle seat and his girlfriend in the aisle seat.

Me: "Hi there!  I am actually seated in the window seat there."
They stand and make their way to the aisle when the man looks at me and says, "Well now we officially have the hottest row on the plane."
(And yes…I think it's safe to assume he was wearing an extra thick pair of beer goggles).
I kinda laugh awkwardly and slide into my seat.
The girlfriend looks at him and moves into the middle seat next to me saying, "I think I am going to take the middle seat."

I compliment her on her boots in my best effort to transition the amazingly awkward energy in row 10.  We make small talk and I ask her if they paid the $10 Spirit Airlines charges for choosing your seat.  The boyfriend jumps into the conversation and says that he paid the $20 so he could make sure they sat together.  She turns to him, "What?!  You paid $20 more for that?"
Boyfriend: "What's wrong?"
Girlfriend: "I can't believe you spent $20 on that!  I wouldn't have cared if we had to sit apart."
Boyfriend: "Whatever.  You would have cared if I sat next to her."  He points right at me and I feel the blood rushing to my face.
Girlfriend: "Damn straight you're not sitting next to her."

The man was obviously wasted.  Let's not kid ourselves.

"How Old Are You?" Moments

So I went to Denver for a quick 24-hour getaway.  And those 24-hours literally filled my tank.  I was able to catch up with nearly all of my girlfriends whom I miss so much, hug and kiss their babies, and just feel the familiar energy of a city I love + miss.

Oh, and I went to see this guy named Justin sing and dance.  Before the concert however, I apparently ran around the Pepsi Center posing with any male statue or cardboard cut-out I could find:

And there were more images that my friends sent me later.  
Apparently, you give this momma a night out and apparently she regresses to her late teens.

But yes, I had the best time!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Thank you so much for reading…
xo - Marion


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