It's Back to Work We Go…

When wearing statement earrings, consider editing your jewelry pieces.  
I chose to go with just my oversized gold watch to balance the look and go without a necklace.

 Blouse - Sheinside 
Skirt - H&M (Similar HERE)
Heels - Sam Edelman now 33% off!
Clutch - H&M (Love this option!)
Watch - Michael Kors
Earrings - InPink

Let's be honest…
If you are like me (in which case I am so sorry!) then you have difficulty maintaining a perfect white blouse.  And by maintaining, I'm referring to simply keeping a white blouse…well…white.

You see, I have my fair share of skills.  Ping pong, push-ups, and Jenga come to mind as real areas of strength.  But just ask my husband, doing laundry is not a skill I possess.  I don't know how many times I need to mess up that man's clothes before he'll take over the laundry duties!  So frustrating.

And my white blouses don't seem to be as white even after dry cleaning.  So I'll invest in nearly every other color…but it's just not worth it to me to spend a ton of money on white blouses when I know that I'll wash them once and they'll be off-white.  And since a simple white blouse is a must-own for every woman this season, here are a few of my favorites (all under $60!)

Top Left (clockwise):


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