Day 1 of 365

I took this photo from a friend’s cabin on a lake just outside the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.  
We vacationed there this past summer before packing up and moving to Las Vegas.

Just before snapping this photo, I remember thinking, “I can take a thousand photos of these sailboats and each photo would be different as the boats are in constant movement with the wind.”
 (And yes…these are the type of deep thoughts I have on a constant basis.  If you ever have a John Malkovich episode you had better hope you’re not stuck in my head!)

But as we say farewell to 2013, I can’t help but reflect on this image as a metaphor for our own lives.  To some great degree, I have felt that my life has been in constant motion this past year…often at the mercy of circumstances beyond my control. 

2013 had its fair share of warm, light breezes, the kind that make you wish you could stay in that moment forever.  But if I were to be honest with you, 2013 has been challenging in many ways.  I won’t go into details, but I miss Oregon (home) and Colorado (home for the past 3 years).  But it’s not so much the place or the weather that I miss…I miss the people.  And if I were to be honest again, I haven't done the best job staying positive since arriving in Las Vegas.  
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