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Woo, the internet is finally back! 

So, we're settling into the new house nicely now and I've been browsing around the web to find some pretty things to buy with the proceeds of my House of Horrors blog sale

I wanted to share some of the nice things I've found on my search, as I know it's coming up to uni time for some of you, and you'll be thinking of how to make your halls look more awesome than everyone else's! Plus, everyone loves looking at pretty home stuff. 

So, firstly, not that exciting but the main thing on my list are these Ikea curtains for the lounge, which are £25.99. I want red, because lots of our cushions and pictures have red in them, so I want to make red even more of a statement colour in the lounge. 
I spied this gorgeous bedding in Debenhams the other day. It has coloured swallows on one side, and is minty-teal with white swallows on the other side - I'd totally have that side up! It's sold out online, sadly, but it is instore for about £30 for a double bed set.

Next are next (ho ho) on my want list, with this spotty, stripey reversible duvet cover set. How cute? I'm all about the reversible bedding, so you can have a change of scenery day to day without having to strip the bed. Isn't changing bedding just the most arduous job ever? I have to bribe Alex to do it all. Anyway, this set is £40 which is a tad hefty for me, but I guess it is a 2-in-1 affair. 

Next also sell these really cheap matching sheets and pillow case sets! You can guess which is my favourite, right? The one with turquoise dots! Only £16 for a double, and I like the idea of the pillowcases matching the sheet instead of the duvet. 

Cuteness overload in Kirsty Allsop's Next range. Pricey as hell (£65 for the duvet cover!), but a girl can dream. I wish my bed looked like this, just piled with all sorts of cushions and bedspreads etc. But you know that as soon as bed time arrives it all gets chucked on the floor, so it's all a bit of a beautiful lie, really! 

Lovely polka-heart kitchenware... Drool! 
Gorgeous canisters!
Genuinely think I'll be purchasing this chalkboard, it's only a tenner!

 Beaut tins from Debenhams.. It's always so hard to choose just one set!


YES, IT'S A CAT OVEN GLOVE. Can I bring myself to singe a cat's face though? I can't work out whether this glove is cute or cruel, but I've bookmarked it anyway.

Debenhams are literally a haven for pet-themed home-ware at the moment! I am loving it! 

That's a dog lamp by Ben De Lisi. Where can I possibly go after a dog lamp? Time to wrap it up! 

So, Next and Debenhams are very much floating my boat with their pretty home stuff at the moment. Do you recommend anywhere else that's good for affordable home stuff? Jen just did an amazing post on her car boot and charity shop finds. It goes without saying I shall be keeping my peepers peeled for second hand things for the house, too. Any tips on forcing your driver boyfriend out of bed early on a Sunday for some car boot shopping..? I'm stumped! 


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