My week in pictures!

Whew! One of the most intense weeks of my life is over!

I've been a busy bee, what with long shifts at work, going to a gig in Brighton and being filmed for Channel 4! It's taken it's toll now as I seem to have a cold. I've been a watery eyed sneezing mess at work today. Anyway, I've taken some little snap shots along the way this week, so here they are... 

My little Roxy chillin' in the sunshine earlier this week. She's loving our rather wild garden... Lots of very dead plants and dry dirt as opposed to pretty flowers and soil! She's been rolling about in the dirt loads, it's so sweet to see her getting back to nature! Could live without her crapping in the flower beds, but she's kicking that habit now. 

I went to Brighton to see NFG with my brother and friends and forgot to bring nail polish with me on the train. All I had was my new Models Own nail art pen (freeb) so I decided to try leopard on naked nails! I think it's a pretty awesome look!

We nipped to H&M in Brighton to get my brother a hoodie because he was a bit nippy, and I had to get a snap of this lovely lady's outfit! The playsuit, the hair - love! We exchanged bloggy links and you can see hers here.

I met up with the my gigging BFF from my youth, Emilie. We met in 2002 and used to meet up at every pop punk gig in London together! This is us sat outside NFG's tour bus swigging WKD like old times... My brother's a well-know NFG superfan (they know him by name and even exchange the odd Facebook message!) so I'm used to lurking outside venues so he can hang out with them.

Oh Chad... How I wish I wasn't speaking as this photo was taken. I was saying "Keep smiling because sometimes it flashes twice-*FLASH*". D'oh. I just love his smooth and squishy face. Notice how much he's leaning towards me in this?! Move over, Hayley (oh and soz, Alex). Was tempted to doctor this photo and paste the 'Forever Alone' guy over my brother's face - lawl! 

We persuaded the band to come to this pop punk club night at Life afterwards, and they obliged!! Jordan even got on the decks for a bit! 

After a few hours sleep it was back home to Canterbury, and onto a disastrous road trip to Ikea with Alex... Think almost running out of petrol on the motorway... I had to have a 50p hotdog to calm myself after it all! 

The next day I was being filmed for the second series of SuperScrimpers! We filmed quite a few tips and a li'l interview too and I think it went okay... Speaking of tips, I really need to start getting more Tuesday Tips up! I figured I'd have loooads of time after graduating to just chill out, but it turns out making money is pretty time consuming :( 

After filming on Friday, we had our buddies Martin and Jen round for Dominos. We ordered online.. Spot the immature lolz in the delivery info... 

Jen and I had a play with some new Models Own nail polishes I was sent. This was Jen's own nail polish with a coat of pink Smash Up polish and some black leopard print. 

I had filmed some sticky tape nail art for Channel 4 that day using Grey Day and Top Turquoise, and decided to add some kinda wonky black lines. 

Then I got instantly bored and wiped the whole lot off and went for leopard print over Blooboo and attempted to draw a cat on my thumbnail... Jen ridiculed it, but I personally believe it's a masterpiece!!

And finally, some more illustrations I was sent, this time by Carly Watts. I simply adore these, and Roxy was chuffed at her inclusion. May have to edit my blog header to include one of these because they are amazing! Why can't I look this cool in real life?! (Click to enlarge)

Right, I think I've exhausted the topic of ME ME ME. What have y'all been up to? 

I've got a day off tomorrow and am looking forward to catching up on blogs, so leave me links in the comments if you know any great blogs I ought to be checking out, including your own!

Much love! x


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