Tuesday Tip: Turn old leggings into no-sew bows!

Because I walk everywhere, my leggings don't seem to last much longer than 5 minutes. In the interest of my mental health, I've been having a little brain storm session lately on how I can turn my usual feelings of 'Aaarrgghh, world, your leggings are so shit!' into 'Ooh, a new DIY project, yay!'

So I give you... NO-SEW BOWS! I spent this morning experimenting with my little brainwave and am so pleased with the results! 

You will need: 

- Leggings
- Scissors
- Bleach (optional)

Chop a strip of material from the thigh - this will be the head band. 

Chop a chunk of material from the ankle or thigh (depending on how big you want your bow) 

Chop another strip from the leggings to tie the bow onto the headband. Knot it, and trim off the excess.

Optional: Jazz up with toilet bleach, wash and dry!


You can also use this method to make an impromptu bow tie! 

Other ideas: 

- Making a turban style headband. 
- Creating plaited headbands and bracelet.
- Chopping the ankle into strips to make hair ties.  

So, the next time you get the dreaded holey leggings, get your scissors out and remember - the glass is half full

I hope you've enjoyed this tip. I am desperate to post them more regularly but I've found working constantly is such a drain on my creativity. I have loads of ideas but finding the time to experiment and photograph stuff is so hard. These sporadic Tuesday Tips shall have to suffice for now! 

Please keep me posted if you have any crafty ideas to share! I will always link to those who have inspired me.

For now, TV and those amazing Belffles belgian waffles are calling me...



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