New Dress

I tried this dress on at Topshop the other day on a whim and accidentally fell in love with it. I thought it would be all wrong for me. A slight empire line usually means saggy boobs. Cream coloured material is asking to become a stain fest. But actually, it is amazing. Sheer sleeves flatter my quirky corned beef print arms, with the right underwear (the nude version of this c/o Wonderbra, if you're wondering!) the boobs aren't too 'there' and the floaty skirt flatters the tum. Oh, and as an added bonus I noticed yesterday, the underskirt is straight rather than floaty, preventing spontaneous pant flashing in windy conditions. Not bad for £20, the price I paid with my 60% uniform discount! 

(Dress - Topshop, Necklace - c/o Lou Makes, Boots - charity shop)

I wore this outfit to a family party on Saturday night and loved it so much I wore it to work yesterday! I was undeterred by my brother's hilarious quip "I didn't know you were coming to the party in your nightie"... 

I'm gonna get my coffee on now. Twitter followers may have seen me freaking out about a gigantic spider I saw on the landing last night. Well, the post traumatic stress of this meant I slept top and tail with Alex so my head wasn't against the wall and more vulnerable to being crawled on by bugs, then - despite these 'safety measures' - I proceeded to lay awake rigid with paranoia until 3am. Not cool. 5 hours sleep is not enough to get me through a day at work! Anyway, my Twitter helpers suggested putting conkers in the corners of every room (spiders hate the smell apparently... do they have noses then?) so I will be testing this out at the earliest opportunity! 

So yeah. Coffee is much needed right now. Have a lovely Monday, people!! <3


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