Identity Crisis

Today's outfit was a bit of a mish mash... I had a bit of an over-excited morning as another of the articles I wrote for The Times on my work experience was published today! Woop! It was a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how Me & Zena make jewellery. I so enjoyed the process of meeting and chatting to interviewing Zena and then picking out the comments that would be most interesting for Young Times readers. And to have it published is ridiculously rewarding. Very surreal to be on my hands and knees at work today, tidying up after crazed shoppers treating the place like a car boot sale whilst knowing my little article is in the paper... "Do your own tidying, swines!! For you are in the presence of the most influential writer the UK fitting room has ever seen". Haha, I kid! But you get the picture... I definitely love this writing lark and need to get published again ASAP! I feel like a journo junkie.  

(Me & Zena emailed me today and told me to make sure I let y'all know you can use the code at the end of the article too! 20% off!

So yes, it was a mad scramble to get dressed before work this morning... I couldn't decide between slutty goth (lippy and leopard leggings) and granny chic (vintage boots, chunky knit) so I chucked it all together and ran out the door hoping for the best! Notice Roxy's cat kennel in the background? Haha!

Posing for a quick air-smooch with my loyal photographer...

Ma lipz. I used my 17 Hot Chilli lipstick, which is a reddy orange colour (obvz). Not for the faint-hearted but available here if you're a badass. Can't tell if I applied it wonkily or my mouth is lopsided. Both?

One more thing, I must tell you this hilarious thing my mum texted me today. I was joking with her about my name being misspelt in the article (there's an 'I' in Royston-Claire!) and she replied this: 

I was once spelling my surname to someone and said 
"I've got an 'I' in the middle... like a Cyclops". 

Hahaha! If I can cling onto my immaturity until my fifties as she has done so brilliantly, I'll be one happy lady!

Spk sn,



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