Ooh, stick you!

Thanks for your responses on my last post re: Facebook. SO interesting to hear different opinions on it... It's kind of restored my faith in humanity a little bit that others see how harmful it can be. I was expecting a bit of backlash! :) Company Mag just came through the door and they've done a really good article on the pitfalls too. Worth a read for my fellow Social Network skeptics! 

In other news, I wore this to work a couple of days ago before it became too hot to wear clothes at all, let alone tights... I'm wearing my Celeste dress, courtesy of Motel (see what I did with the title there?) I wonder  when Motel will release the Daphne dress? The lighting is terrible in these photos, but the dress is quite sheer so I wore a Miss Selfridge strapless bandeau jersey thing underneath. Cannot wait until 1 week's time when I will have a garden and actual daylight to take photos in!! Did I just officially jinx the weather?

(Wearing my amazing Temporary Secretary cat necklace again, my trusty leopard print scarf from h&m and battered ol' desert boots from a chazza. Oh, and spotty Primark tights)

Trotting off to work in a bit. Working 1-10pm which is a touch unsociable! I'm going out with my work pals tomorrow night, which'll be fun, and then on Friday, I'm going to Manchester with Alex and his buds to see Man United! There was a spare ticket, so I decided to go along! What on earth does one wear to a footie game..? 

Enjoy the last of the sunshine, UK-ers! Rainy times tomorrow :( 

*Don't forget, you can get 15% off at Motel with the code GEMFATALE.*


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