How The Eff Do You Wear A Kimono?

So kimonos are seemingly omnipresent on the high street this summer, but those floaty, floral, folksy garments have been perplexing me a bit... How would one actually wear one? 

I barely ever use Lookbook but it's perfect for exactly these kinds of crises. Y'see, I'm going on a shopping spree today, so have been doing a little preliminary research on how to style certain items to help me work out what to buy! A prepared shopper is a happy shopper. 

Anyhow, from my findings on Lookbook, I'm happy to see there are a good few ways to wear a kimono - think I'll definitely be on the look out today! 

Here are some kimonos I'm loving the look of:

(Boohoo - £15, Urban Outfitters - £58, ASOS - £28.50)

Don't miss Topshop's amazing array of kimonos either... I didn't include them above because they're not modelled on er, models, so didn't look right in the picture! #photoshopproblems

Will you be trying the kimono look out..? Hope there's some inspiration here on how to style them! 

I'm off to watch Parks & Recreation, eat breakfast and then hit town for a shopping spree! Wish me luck...



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