Losing the Babyweight: Q & A with My Personal Trainer

Meet Erik.

He is my personal trainer for over a year now and a huge reason why I am now 4 lbs away from my pre-baby weight.

I receive so many emails from readers asking workout/diet related questions, so I thought I would do a mini-series with Erik on fitness/weight loss.  Today's post is just a little Q&A...stay tuned over the next several weeks for sneak peeks into his advice on weight loss, home fitness (especially for women who are pressed for time and gym access), and diet. 

Erik and I sat down together for a little chat (this is the first time I think I actually sat while talking to him.  He usually is the one telling me that if I am able to talk, then I'm not working out hard enough!):

So Erik...who is your favorite client?
He pauses and looks at me.  I honestly think he paused a little too long. 

Do I need to repeat the question?
No...I would say that there is this one girl Marion...

Okay, that is correct.  We can proceed now.  What is the best part of your job?
It is so rewarding to see clients progress quickly through simple changes and effort.  I love seeing a client who never thought of themselves as an athlete turn into one in just a couple months.  It is awesome to have clients tell me that they are more focused in life and have more energy because of the small amount of time they spend with me each week. 


By The Numbers...
# of weeks since having Cooper: 18
Total pounds lost since having baby: 40
Pounds left till beginning weight: 4
# of pizza slices: 3
# of gummy bears: 120
# of soda: 1 (don't drink your calories ladies!)
# of glasses of vegetable juice: 122 (hands down my favorite way to start the morning!)


What is the biggest transformation you've seen in a client?
I've had several clients lose 100+ pounds as well as clients who couldn't move without pain before working out with me and now they are running half marathons.  Every client has their own goal and it is so cool to see someone actually take their goal head-on as opposed to just talking about it...that in itself is a big mental transformation for so many of us.

So let's say that I am looking for a personal trainer.  What should I look for?
There are plenty of jack-ass trainers who aren't invested personally in their client's success.  When interviewing a trainer, you should ask yourself, "Is this someone I can relate to on a human level?  Do I even like them?" 

Stay away from trainers who talk too much or just count the reps.  They should also be stressing the importance of good form.


Marion's Opinion: 
I personally believe that you should want a trainer who is actually in good shape themselves!  Call me crazy, but it doesn't seem right for you to be grinding out pull-ups while your trainer still has crumbs from his McDonald's Royal with Cheese clinging to his shirt.  Just like I wouldn't want to have my hair cut by a stylist who's own hair looked like a Gary Busey art project.  

What do YOU think?

What do you say to someone who says they don't have time to workout?
It's an excuse.
It's prioritizing.
If you're serious about your goals, then schedule it just like you would do at a job.  Just 30 minutes/3 times a week will change everything. 

Check back next week as Erik tell us 5 small tweeks to your diet that provide the biggest reward.


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