Two Trends on Their Way Out...

Trends are like a piece of Juicy Fruit gum. 
The second you put that stick of gum in your mouth, you know deep down that the deliciousness will be gone soon so you had better enjoy that full 33 seconds of flavor (I've timed it).
Two trends that are currently losing their flavor are...

OUT: Ombre hair

It had a great moment.  I celebrated the ombre hair trend for the majority of last year. 
But alas...the style gods have grown bored with dark-to-light-locks and are proclaiming that a new trend take over the heads of women everywhere. 

IN: Peek-a-boo Highlights

You still get the richness and "lightness" of ombre...just in a different way. 

OUT: The Arm Party

So bracelets are still a "heck yes."  Just tone down the party a little. 
The days of throwing on every darn circular thing in your jewelry box around your wrist are behind us. 

IN: Edited Jewelry

Please still have a party...just edit your guest list a little. 

Limit your wrist jewelry to no more than 2 different materials at a time: 
gold and leather 
wood and silver
gold and silver
NOT leather, gold, silver, plastic, thread, stone, and wood. 

Are you going to miss the ombre or the arm party?  Do you still see gals rocking these trends where you live?

xo - Marion

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