A funny thing happened when posting this...

Does your mood influence the choices you make in your closet?

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I just came back from a mini-vacation in Chicago.  I am a huge Bears fan and so my honey took me to Soldier Field.  Such a sweet idea...how would he know that it would end up being the worst game of the season?! Lol!

It doesn't take much to make us crack up! :-)

Whenever I return to work following a vacation, I always feel the need to be super organized and driven.  Which is why when I stepped foot inside my closet this A.M., I reached for solid black and a little pop of leopard print.  It was a serious outfit for some serious work!

Shoes - Via Spiga
Sweater Tights - Hue (purchase HERE)
Pencil Skirt - Express (only sold in select stores for a limited time)
Black Tank Top - Forever21
Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Blazer - Gibson (purchase HERE)
Bracelet - Forever 21

But a funny thing happened when I was posting this...As I'm uploading the photos and organizing my post, I listening to E! News playing in the background.  I stop writing to watch as they begin to announce which trends are on their way OUT for 2012.  Well, wouldn't it be my luck that Giuliana tells me that animal prints are soon to be passé?!  Certainly hilarious timing for this post. :-)

Other trends on their way out for 2012:
Tight band dresses
Spider leg eyelashes (Kardashian style)

Oh rats...I just realized I'm wearing booties in this photo!  Oh well...I have never been one to live and die by the trend rules! :-)

So let me know - are you going to rock the animal print a while longer?!

XO - Marion

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