OOTD: Inspired by Pinterest!

Step 1: Visit Pinterest.com
Step 2: Pick up a pen/paper and begin furiously writing down a shopping list as well as must-try styles
Step 3: Look at the clock and realize 4 hours have passed and you forgot to walk the dog!

I firmly believe that it is impossible to jump on Pinterest and NOT be inspired!  
(If this is you, please talk to your physician.  There might be a pill you can take for your condition :-)). 

Inspiration Photo:

My Take:

Red skinny jeans - Jolt (similar here)
Striped shirt - Banana Republic (great options here and here)
Blazer - Gibson (purchase here)
Shoes - Guess (similar here)
Bag - BCBG
Scarf - Target
Earrings - Anthropologie

Style Tip:
If you have an article of clothing that:
a) you want to learn to style in a new way OR
b) are aren't sure how to wear it
Just enter the clothing type/color in the Pinterest search field and you'll get plenty of visual ideas!

So...Do you Pinterest?

XO - Marion


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