Personal Resolutions for 2012

At Starbucks...thinking super hard about the year ahead!

Am I the only one who felt 2011 flew by like a penguin in water?*

This is a special time of year for me as I am sure it is for many of you.  I love this time of reflection as I look back at an incredible year in 2011 and think dream ahead to 2012.  

Because I am a list-maker, I have a short list of goals for the coming year:

1)   Organize My World: I know this seems like such a cop-out of a goal (cause let's face's on 99% of our to-do lists!)  But I really REALLY need to organize my life.  My make-up drawer is an embarrassing mess, my closet is not organize by season or color, and don't even get me started on my office at work (it's a good thing I work with little kids...they don't judge as much! Lol!)

2)   Keep my Facial Expressions In-Check: I have been told by an incredible number of people that they want to play poker with me because you can tell my every thought just by watching my face.  I try hard...but if I see a lady sportin' a camel toe, you would know it just by my facial reaction.  I need to remedy this simply because it can sometimes come across as...well...just rude.  Which is not okay and not "me."  I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, thus I need to change this (I usually blame this on the fact that I'm a scorpio...but my husband doesn't buy that excuse anymore!)  

3)   Plan More Vacations/Excursions with the Hubby: Traveling is the one thing you'll never regret.  We need more this year!

4)   Redesign Marionberry Style: Now that I'm a few months deep, I want to fine-tune and filter my focus + re-design my blog.  It's time for this baby to enter its terrible-twos! :-)

5)   Connect With More Bloggers: One of the main reasons I started this blog was so that I could meet other women who loved the same things I love and share a similar outlook on life.  I want to meet more of you and get to know you better!  Game plan to do so TBD :-)

6)   Go Christmas Shopping Early: This is obviously a late-addition to the list.  But necessary for this procrastinator! :-) 

What are your goals for 2012?!  Do they look anything similar to mine?!

XO - Marion

* I can't personally attest to the agility and speed of a penguin in water.  But in my imagination they are incredibly zippy!


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