What the color of your holiday decor says about you!

Quiz #1:
Directions: For each question, choose YES or NO

1) You start decorating for the holiday season as soon as your conscious allows.

2) The first step to decorating is developing an overall theme for your holiday decor.

3)  You coordinate your wrapping paper and ribbon to match your color theme.

RESULTS:  The more "YES" answers you chose, the more you're like me!
This is not necessarily a good thing.  Just sayin' :-) 

So what color is YOUR holiday this year!?  
And more importantly, what does it say about YOU?!*

Let's find out with Quiz #2:
Directions: Just pick the color scheme below that best suits your style

A Traditional GREEN & RED Holiday:
There is no mistaking this classic color combination.  It evokes a level of comfort and familiarity.  
A Tiffany-Blue Christmas
This is an update to the King's version of a blue Christmas...

Hot Pink Holiday
For the Elle Woods in all of us...

So which of the above color schemes spoke to you most?

If you chose the Red & Green Holiday: 
You are predictable.  You enjoy traditions and feel most comfortable when things are consistent.  You probably drive a Subaru.

If you chose the Tiffany-Blue Holiday:
You like expensive things and updating a classic tradition.  You have a knack for finding incredible pieces at thrift stores and flea markets.  You are a girly-girl but you still enjoy a good time out with the guys.  You probably drive a Audi, Volkswagen or an SUV.

If you chose the Hot PInk Holiday:
You are the ultimate girly-girl - and PROUD of it!  Your partner either doesn't care about the color of his tree or he is emasculated to the point of withholding his opinion on such topics. Because let's face it - you'll just end up getting your way no matter what.  You probably drive a bug with a (pink) flower in the vase.  

*Disclaimer - this is just for fun :-)  I am certainly not qualified to guess the type of car you drive.  Lol!  

So what color(s) are you decorating with this year?!  I'd love to hear!

XO - Marion

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