My $8 White T-Shirt

Does this happen to you?

You have an idea of a fabulous outfit to wear tomorrow.  You go to bed...smiling because you already know what you are going to wear and you don't need to spend 15 minutes standing in your closet pulling things and standing in front of the mirror (or is that just me?) You get up in the morning, yawn as you walk into your closet, and start sorting through the racks.  Then you GASP!  Why?  Because you realize the article of clothing you NEED is in the dirty clothes hamper.  

It's a big fat bummer of a way to start the day!

Which is why I keep tons of inexpensive white t-shirts on hand...both short and long-sleeve. They go with everything + are super comfortable + and seem classic no matter how they are styled.  In a pinch, they are easy to mix and match.  Bottom line: I heart them. 

 I have no idea what face I'm making here.  
I think I was distracted by a pretty kidding!
 Now I'm focused! :-)

 I love a rich blue and deep mustard together.  
These colors add interest to an otherwise basic color scheme.

Every skirt should have pockets!!

Skirt - BCBG
T-Shirt - Love on a Hanger (similar here)
Heels - Enzo Angiolini (similar here)
Clutch - Fossil

So tell you love the class white T as much as I do?!

XO - Marion


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