Everything sounds cooler 'en Francais'

I was scoping out Nylon's blog the other day and saw a post they did about these amazing t-shirts from Colette (an uber cool Parisian concept store)! They're made by a company called Le Musique, and feature popular song titles, translated into French and lovingly bunged on a t-shirt. 

I made a little graphic of them, mainly as an excuse to use some of the free textures I downloaded from Pugly Pixel. It is a truly incredible blog for anyone that likes to get creative and have fun with layouts. (Says the only blogger still using a Blogger template layout... I'll get there in my own time!)

They cost about £35 each, which is cheap by Colette's standards (Karl Lagerfeld was having a casual browse last time I was there!) but I am tempted to get my Sharpie fabric pen out and DIY! I would have to be having a good handwriting day, and would have to approach Google's translate function with caution (aka. go ask a french human), but it's definitely on the to-do! 


PS - Christmas craft/gift tips are on the way, but my hectic schedule means they won't be posted solely on Tuesdays. I figured let's let some other days of the week get in on the DIY action for once. And if you ask me, Tuesdays were letting the attention go to their heads a bit!


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