Beauty Tip Tuesday: How to look pretty in under five minutes

IMAGINE...It's a Wednesday morning. You're laying in bed, nuzzling your pillow and enjoying the fact that you are so super cozy right now. A small voice in the back of your mind whispers, "Gosh...seems like the alarm should have gone off a while ago...". You choose to ignore this voice, because it obviously stems from a party-pooper-of-a-place in your brain. Alas, the reasonable side of your brain eventually reaches for your alarm just in case. One glance and you SHOOT out of bed because you literally need to be out the door in five minutes!

Does this story sound at all familiar? Well, this was my last Wednesday.

This time of year may be the most magical, but it's also the most hectic! Sleep is at a premium as we balance family, shopping, baking, decorating, and work. Keep these easy lil tips in mind in case you "pull a Marion" and wake up late:

No Time to Shower? 
Just spray hair lighty with water. This activates the product already in your hair. AVOID using more product as it will just make hair heavy and greasy.

TIP: a headband is the secret weapon for many a woman in a rush.

Stick to the 4 basics:
Tinted moisturizer (use concealer where needed)
Blush (a quick swipy-poo on each cheek will add much needed color)
Pink lipgloss (foolproof)

TIP: Less is more...natural make-up can be gorgeous and fresh.  
Caking on too-much make-up can often make you look tired and older.

Quickly rub scented body lotion all over and top off with a matching body spray/perfume. This double layer creates the longest lasting scent without being overpowering.  Come 5pm, you'll still smell yummy.

Don't leave without deodorant. Please.
Brush your teeth

So please tell me I'm not alone in this five-minute morning scramble game! Do you find yourself running a little shorter on free-time this time of year?

XO - Marion


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