Topshop Nail Art Pens ♥

The title of this post pretty much sums up my review of the newly launched Topshop Nail Art Pens - they are incredible! I am the makeup specialist at the Canterbury store and have been waiting for months for these to come in stock and they are finally here. They are available in pink, blue, silver, white and (as of today) black, and are priced at £6.50. I bought the pink one to try out over the weekend, and it's safe to say I shall be asking santa for the whole collection!

Unlike regular nail art pens, they are built like an actual pen, with a pointy tip which you pump once or twice on a surface to get the product to flow. This precision tip and the skinny build of these pens makes them so incredibly easy to use. The first manicure I gave myself with them was a Mr Messy style scribble on every nail because I love the way you can easily scribble and doodle like you would with a pen! Another plus is that the paint doesn't smudge at all when you put a topcoat on! 

My only slight concern is how well these will last, as the amount of paint left on the nib makes me think it will dry out or block up quite quickly. This is only hypothetical, and certainly for now this product is blowing my mind!

I've recorded a short demo video so you can see the product in action, and below are some pictures of a quick mix-and-match design I've created this morning. 

My base colour is from the new beauty range from Look Magazine, 'Look Beauty'. It's called Flamingo and is a gorgeous peachy colour (a bit more toned down than these photos, taken with a flash). The Look Beauty range should be available in Superdrug very soon! 

As I explain in the video, regular nail art pens have a metal nib which you have to squeeze product out of, which can detract from drawing shapes and patterns wobble-free. Also, the metal nibs tend to scratch through the design as you draw it, so you end up having to go over it again, which makes it harder to get a nice smooth finish.  

I've demonstrated the Topshop Pen versus my beloved Wah Nails pen below:

I think my Wah Nails pen will always be my go-to for leopard print, but for more intricate designs, my heart has been stolen by these Topshop Pens... I just feel like I can do SO MUCH MORE now! You can see my first ever attempt at a bit of aztec above on my little nail! I want to get a white one next and see if I can draw some little anchors, as with the metal nibbed nail pens, mine always go horribly lumpy and gross. 

If you like nail art, or want an easy way to get into it, you need to get these on your christmas list. 



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