Beauty Tip Tuesday: Smelling Good on the Go

Do you wear the same clothes everyday?  (Please say no). 

So why should you wear the same scent everyday?  Sure, we all have our "signature scent," but this incredible sweet collection of rollerballs from Marc Jacobs is one super easy way to keep things interesting.

Usually $20 each, this collection is currently available for $38.  I'm no math major, but that is three for less then the price of two!  Break them up into stocking stuffers or add one as part of a beauty gift box for your favorite girlfriend.  No one will even know that you kept one for yourself :-)

Two more reasons to love this product:
- Rollerballs are sent from heaven.  Throw one in your purse and one in your car to always smell yummy when you're on the go. 
- Not sure what to do with the adorable tin?  I use mine to store all the fun samples I receive from Sephora and ULTA.  

So I'm just curious...what is your signature scent?  Any I absolutely need to try?

XO - Marion


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