Trend Watch: Socks with heels

You saw them on the runway during Fashion Week and now you see them on chic girls in your city: socks with heels!  Play with the different textures, colors and fabrics for a fun + hip winter look!

A few of my favorites for inspiration:

These Miu Miu Embellished Knee Socks are truly works of art. 
TIP: Pair a more intricate/detailed sock such as these with a 
neutral heel that does not compete for attention.

The Sartorialist captured this look, which I love for its simplicity.  The socks + heels trend truly is a great way to modernize your look without trying too hard.   

Nervous about jumping head-first into this trend?  
Start off with a neutral tone sock!  
I adore these ASOS Slinky Over-the-Knee Socks for under $10 (purchase HERE)

Wake-up the lower half of your body with a fun yellow!  You'll stand out among a sea of boring tights in these jewel-toned beauties...

Tights or socks? about both?!  
Free People shows that mixing it up is often the best look!

So are you rocking the socks + heels this season?

XO - Marion

PS - Saw this great $$-saving tip in the latest issue of Lucky Magazine:  
Did you get a runner in your panty hose? (Cue the Pretty Woman references!)  
Well don't throw them away!  Instead, give them a second life as socks.  Just cut them down and you'll expand your sock drawer...perfect for your socks + heels looks.


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