10 American Classic Style Picks for Fall

This past weekend we roamed a new mall in Las Vegas.  (Remember how I mentioned once that my husband likes to shop?  Well he wants to see each mall in our new city so we know which one will be "our" mall.  And if he ever reads this then I am truly in for a spanking!)

So we were walking by a ton of teeny-bopper shops and nothing was speaking to me.  I was on the hunt for some crisp fall fashion styles that had a bit of depth (truly...I have been yearning for pieces that just seem like "classic American" style).  

And then we walked by Brooks Brothers. Upon stepping foot inside, I immediately felt like I found what I had been looking for... 

1   /   2   /   3   /   4

Boot 1   /   Boot 2   /   Boot 3

Leather   /   Blazer   /   Plaid

Although a bit higher of a price point, these styles are classic + quality that are meant to last for years.  Every girl needs a few staples in their closet that they can count on for a while.  A truly disposable closet is a sad thing.


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