A Casual Way to Pattern Mix

"Do you really need another pair of designer jeans?"
This is the question that my husband honestly asked me while we stood in the middle of T.J.Maxx and I held up this pair (that I obviously needed) and made a shrieking sound when I saw that it was my size.  

"Um, do you really need new golf clubs?" I replied.

So yesterday's post was all about the mixed media trend.  Today I'm taking it up a notch and doing BOTH mixed media + pattern mixing.  I know, I know...you cray-cray Marion.  But keeping the bottom half of the style visually grounded with a perfect wide-legged blue jean makes it easy to have a little fun up top.

See this top?  I call it "western chic."  And yes, it's another T.J. Maxx find.  This designer piece is just so well-made...the snap buttons + the stitching + the fabric.  I wanted to layer something soft underneath it so I threw on this silk polka dot blouse as a peek-a-boo pattern.

Husband with camera:  "Come on baby...show me your sexy look!"
So I strike the pose above.
Husband with camera:  "You're such a dork baby."
Yes.  Yes I am.

So back to the fashion.  I scored both the jeans and the blouse at T.J. Maxx for a fraction of what I would pay if I found it in a department store.  I honestly think it is the best place to find current designer finds to incorporate the latest trends...they had tons of leather, mixed media pieces, and all the colors of the fall season.

Do you ever want to try a new beauty trend but maybe you just don't want the financial investment?  I can't stand the idea of spending a lot of money on a new eyeshadow color that minute I put it on when I get home (and I don't have all of the compliments from the sales staff ringing in my ear) I look in the mirror and realize I look like a member of Cirque du Soleil.  And that isn't really the look I'm going for.

So T.J. Maxx allows me to play with color + beauty without the hangover!

So are you mixing it up this season with the prints and the fabrics?
xo - Marion

Expressing yourself through fashion, and knowing how to put together a great look—at great value, is what being a Maxxinista is all about.  At T.J.Maxx you can score the unexpected to make your own personal style statement. Here’s to rockin’ your real deal.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by T.J.Maxx via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of T.J.Maxx.


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