The Never-Ending-Search for the Perfect Black Bootie

What makes the PERFECT Black Bootie:

1) They HAVE to be comfortable for walking around the town on the weekends, chasing Cooper around the hotel room (yep...we're still Hilton residents), and lounging around on the couch.

2) They need to be edgy.  No "mom booties"

3) I want them to be able to be dressed up.  Which means, I don't want a manly pair of booties as my go-to pair of black booties (those are great....but right now we are talking about an "investment" pair of black booties that will be wearable season after season).  They need to have a solid dose of femininity.

Here are my top 5 picks:

1     /     2     /     3     /     4     /     5

So...I actually bought one of these.  Can you guess which one I chose?
Well, I'll be wearing my new booties in tomorrow's post!

Which pair is YOUR favorite?  

xo - Marion

ps - My shopping experience for this bootie is part of tomorrow's "Moments of the Week"...hilarious!


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