One Way to Mix Up Your Fitness Routine

Fall + winter = the most important time of year to introduce changes to your workout routine.

+ We all get busy with the holiday shopping season and sometimes our diets pay the price
+ We attend holiday parties where we double fist hors d'oeuvres and high-calorie beverages 
+ It gets darker sooner outside which means we aren't as active in the evening  
+ The colder weather makes us yearn for comfort food

So adidas has asked me to share what new ideas I'm incorporating to my personal indoor fitness routine.  Since this is day 75 for us living in a hotel, the husband and I have been having lots of fun exploring new ways to stay active (a.k.a. "Operation Get Us Out of This 400 sq ft Place!)   Our latest favorite past time? it is (in all my sweaty + dorky glory):

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