Crazy Beauty Tip: Eat More Ice Cream

Sooo, I've struggled with gross, brittle, flaky nails for most of my adult life. Hiding the issue with nail polish is all well and good, but if anything it only dehydrates nails more. It's a vicious cycle.

The strangest thing has happened lately. Despite no changes to my lifestyle, my nails have actually been growing in the past few months. Long, strong, and finally not so brittle I'm terrified to open a canned drink without losing one. 

In unrelated news (or so I thought) I'd been beating myself up over an addiction I picked up over summer and still haven't quit... The constant offers on yummy ice creams in Sainsbury's! (Not a sponsored post...)

Yep, irresistible deals like this one on orgasmic snacks like the ridiculously named yet oh-so-tasty 'Crunchie Blast Sticks' have led to ice cream being my nightly sofa snack of choice. 

I've just had an epiphany that I think THIS is the reason my nails are so strong. My bod is getting a frequent calcium dose from the dairy in the ice cream! I hate milk and cream, so don't really get calcium elsewhere, so I'm figuring this is the answer. 

Here, check out this leopard design I painted on my non-stubby naked nails! 

'Step by step tutorial: 1. Eat shit loads of ice cream, 2. Paint nails'

Moral of the story? Eff anyone that looks down on you for pigging out on reduced ice cream every night without fail. Your nails are WAY better than theirs. #win



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