Blogger to Business: The Entrepreneur Next Door

What do you love about reading blogs?  

Perhaps it's the personalities?  The ideas?  The community?

One reason I love reading blogs is to be inspired by people who:
1) have an idea
2) come up with a plan
3) act on that plan
4) throw passion + hard work + perspiration toward the plan
5) make something out of nothing

In a sense, anyone that has ever started a blog has done this.  

Some women bloggers have taken things a step further and turned into full-blown entrepreneurs.  It's nearly impossible to miss them: 
- style bloggers teaming up with fashion houses to develop their own lines
- graphic designers offering blog services, brand building and social media consultant services
- Stay-at-home moms who blog + sell their gorgeous handmade goods/artwork
- bloggers teaming together to form online magazine companies and lifestyle brands

It makes sense really...I mean, think about it!  To write a blog you need to have an action-oriented mentality.  You need to do research, stay on top of self-imposed deadlines, network with other bloggers, maintain creativity even when "real life" gets in the way.  Entrepreneurs need the same skill-set to be successful PLUS a little something extra.  

So how does a blogger take an idea --> make it their own --> start a business?  

This week I'll be featuring three of my favorite "blogger entrepreneurs."  Each will share their story along with how their blog plays a role in their business.  And I promise that you don't need to be a blogger to be inspired by their stories.   I know you'll find these women as inspiring as I check back tomorrow for our first blogger entrepreneur story!

Are you inspired by women entrepreneurs that you come across online?  
Are their any favorites that you can share?

xo - Marion

image credit: Fashion Bomb Daily


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