Blogging and a Baby

I have 2 confessions to make...

I'm not quite sure how this blog will change once this baby is born.  Or even IF it will change!  
You see...Marionberry Style has always been about style + fashion + beauty for the everyday busy woman.  That will NOT change as it is my passion.

But I do imagine that as I take this jump into the next phase of my life, a few of my posts will be more lifestyle + home focused.  Heck...I may even have a few posts on baby-related topics.

So I wanted to write to tell you that it is okay if this totally turns you off.  I understand.  I hope that you'll continue to check back for the style and fashion topics that I love to write about...but I get it if many of you want to stay clear of the "other stuff" I may post on.

I have never been a "baby person."  
You may be asking yourself, "What the heck is a baby person?"
So I'll tell you.  A "baby person" is a human being that flocks to babies like a Kardashian flocks to publicity.  They are just naturally gifted with this adoration and obsession with babies.  And guess what?  Babies love them too!

Me? me a photo of your dog and I'll turn to mush.  But a baby?  They intimidate me.  I look at them with one part fascination and one part terror.  I never want to hold them because they use their baby-sense (similar to spidy-sense) to know that I'm frightened so they always decide to cry.  Then I'm THAT girl who makes babies cry.  Awesome.

I tear up just thinking that in a few days I will be a mom (just even typing the word "Mom" makes me take a deep breath).  I just never thought I would be blessed like this.  It's a long story and maybe I'll share it sometime...but this really is a dream come true.

- So am I afraid terrified of babies?  Maybe so.  
- But do I embrace the idea that I can learn to be one of those "baby persons" whom I admire so much?  YesYesYes!  

And I here is where I tell you "thank you."  So many of you have given me such great advice and encouragement over the past several months.  Blogging has been such a gift to me personally over the past year.  I hope you'll stick with me through lil' man's arrival and maybe even pretend to be interested when I share a photo or two of him :)

xo - Marion


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