Moments of the Week: Hospital Edition

The biggest moment of my week life so far was the birth of our son.  

While at the hospital, we tried to enjoy the experience as much as possible.  Certainly not an easy thing to do considering the cruel levels of pain that God apparently felt was necessary to put a woman through to deserve such a gift. :)

That said, here are just a few pictures documenting some moments that made me smile (until the next contraction came of course!)

"Hey!  It's a Hospital Arm Party!" Moment
Cue eye roll from husband...

"Why Do They Need That in the Exam Room?" Moment
I soon found out.
All level of modesty that I clung to was immediately gone...

"Super Happy" Moments
I love popsicles.   
The nurse finally had to cut me off by kindly saying "I think you've had enough dear..."

"Well I Should Hope Not!" Moment
We were walking the halls as I tried to ride waves of contractions.  I saw this sign on the door, looked at my husband and apparently told him "They shouldn't have molesters in this wing of the hospital!  There are babies everywhere!"  

My brain was obviously not functioning well in this moment.

"Finally!" Moment
My sweet husband brought me my first meal once I was cleared to eat.  Sashimi.  Finally.  

"Finally" Moment Part 2

You are finally here.  
I love you.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  Thanks so much for reading!
xo - Marion (and Cooper!)

PS - Please check back often next week for a special series "Bloggers to Business"with insight + tips + interviews with a few of my favorite bloggers who have transformed their online presence into successful businesses.  Pretty darn cool.


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