Intergalactic Planetary

Alex got me this galaxy-esque dress from ASOS for christmas and I love it sooo much I have barely stopped wearing it! It's getting a bit gross, really. It's got a really lovely purple, blue and black tie-dye effect on it, so isn't 'in your face' galaxy print. 

It's one of those 'smock' shapes that hide all manner of festive sins, but on the flip side could easily pass as maternity wear so either way you still kind of look a bit preggo. But I heart it. And only £25! (The gift was part of a wider ASOS haul, I don't just have the cheapest boyf of all time...)

Dress - ASOS
Pleather jacket - Topshop
Necklace - Me & Zena*
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell at Sarenza*

This is a snap of me from the Company Blogging Forum on Monday night, wear I was on the panel talking about bloggy things. 

Speaking of bloggy things, Alex and I are FINALLY moving to London. In under two weeks! We're moving to Angel to a fab flat in a divine location (not gonna lie, I burst into tears o' joy after viewing the flat... It had been a long day!) SO without the commute I'll have 4 hours of extra time in my day and can finally resume my blogging activities. I can't wait! 

So if any readers are still hanging on in there, firstly - YOU WIN, never liked those other readers anyway xxx, and secondly prepare to hear a lot more about my new life. It's gonna be fun-filled, action-packed and very foodie. 

Stay tuned. And wish me luck with my millionth house-move... Eurggghhh. *Stay focused on the pretty new flat*...



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