a slave to my sweater

This is what I wore yesterday. I would've posted it last night but I was gorging on the most immense Dominos takeaway ever with our chums Jen and Martin. It was deeeelicious, but perhaps not the best decision when I'll be spending my evening with the creme de la creme of blogging babes tonight at the Company Style Blog Awards! Who knows, maybe rocking up in a maternity smock and smelling faintly of dough will be the next hot trend! 

Forgive me being an major outfit-repeater with my Topshop sweater... we had a big inspection at work and it doesn't look good if I bowl in wearing H&M stuff like I usually do, so I wore my two latest Topshop buys together! I think we can agree it's a different look to my last sweater outing. In this instance I was going for the slutty-chic 'black bra under see-thru sweater' look. What a minx! I ended up freezing my slutty-chic midriff off, so the joke was on me. Just as well I was wearing lipstick because my lips were practically blue! Back to cosy layers, plz. I'm done with this 'edgy' shiz. 

(sweater and jeans - Topshop, lipstick - 'Brighton Rock' by Topshop, shoes - charity shop, hair scarf - H&M, belt - c/o F&F, necklace - c/o Temporary Secretary)

(Roxy - c/o MY DREAMS <3)

I inexplicably awoke 3 hours before my alarm this morning so I'm going to try and get into town nice and early and panic buy many, many items to wear for the Company Style Blog Awards. Argh!! 

I'll be tweeting from the ceremony so follow me on Twitter if you wanna hear the goss!


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