Spring Break Edition: Casual Friday + Moments of the Week

I'm on Spring Break right now (woot!  woot!) so today I'm posting a 
"casual-yet-still-pulled-together" look that you can modify for the office.    

Right now, H&M has a great selection of brightly colored blazers!  
I love the punch of color it adds while still providing a conservative edge.

To make this look work-appropriate, simply replace the 
white shorts for white jeans or slacks. 

And look!!  I'm holding shoes that some might refer to as "reasonable."  
How'd that happen?

 As promised in yesterday's post, I'll occasionally show a 
few lower heel options with my outfits.  You asked for it...you get it!  
Well...within reason. :)

Bright blue blazer - H&M (Purchase HERE)
Shirt - Banana Republic
Shorts - F21
Belt - H&M
Clutch - H&M (Purchase HERE)
Earrings - Gift
Watch - Michael Kors (Purchase HERE)
Necklace - Nordstrom
Heels - Guess
Incredibly "reasonable" boat shoes - Kohls (Purchase HERE)

Bliss Moment
Did I mention I was on Spring Break? :)

Panic Moment

Many acquaintances in my life do not know about my blog (at least I think they don't?)  
I take nearly all my own photos
(and yes...I am getting a new camera and will be taking classes.  I realize I could do better!)
I live in downtown Denver and shoot the majority of my 
photos within few blocks of my high-rise

= NEVER did I think an acquaintance would walk right by me during a shoot!

See this wall?  That is where I shoot many of my blog photos?
See that sidewalk?  Yeah...that is where she walked by.

And if you think I could play it cool and just wave and smile...you're wrong!  
I dove behind my car and nearly broke my ankle.  
Why?  Because I am just that smooth...  

What the Heck is Going On? Moment

I was in IKEA killing time (did I mention I was on Spring Break?) 
and this is what every single aisle looked like:

Can you tell what's missing??

Where are all the flippin' people?  I mean, I'm not complaining, but I felt so odd roaming the empty walkways and talking to myself (you're allowed to talk to yourself when no one is around.  It doesn't mean you're crazy).  

Then...all of a sudden...the fire alarm went off!
I stood there for a minute and looked around (seriously wondering if I am stuck in some weirdo dream) until I see an exit door and make my way outside.  

Then I see this:

I decided that this was all a sign that I should go home.  
So I lugged myself down the 4 flights of stairs in my "super unreasonable" 
heels and drove home. 

Have a wonderful weekend friends!!

XO - Marion


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