Socks and Sandals

If you follow me on Twitter you may know this is my long-awaited week off work and I've been a busy bee catching up with family and friends (and charity shopping to AMAZING success - more on this soon). It's been fabulous so far. I haven't sorted through the pics of what I've been up to but wanted to get this outfit photo from the other day up before it gets buried under a bunch of new photos! 

I'm wearing a couple of newcomers to the wardrobe. My mint-turquoise-mauve headscarf, which ties the perfect sized bow, was a charity shop find for 75p. My jacket and sandals were free from Dorothy Perkins, who I have been working with on a project lately - all will be revealed! 

(Breathless t-shirt - eBay, jeans - Topshop, necklace c/o Temporary Secretary (sold out)

(Excuse the door... My diva photographer/boyfriend refuses to leave the house to do my garden outfit snaps and just stands in the doorway!)

I am a little bit in love with these sandals. They have a diddy gold heel on them, which is perfect for flats fanatics like myself. I usually end up a hobbling freak in the lowest of heels, but I wore these throughout an entire shift at work and they were super comfy and generally adorable. They are only £30 on the site, which I think is very reasonable indeed! 

I'm going off to watch the new series of The Apprentice now! SO excited. I'm really hoping for another Stuart Baggs 'the brand'. What a guy. I was convinced I was sat next to Nick Hewer on the train the other day so I took loads of secret photos of the side of this man's head and started texting them to anyone I knew that would care. Then, through the joys of technology, I saw on Nick's Twitter that he wasn't even in the country, let alone on a train to Canterbury next to a stalker freak... Lily will be the first to tell you my celeb spotting skills are beyond naff! Sigh!



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