Introducing the "Trend of the Month Challenge" Link-Up!

I'm making the trend challenge a monthly link-up!  

Why Trends?
Nearly every week, Marionberry Style introduces new trends, shows how to wear them (and how not to), and lastly where to shop!   They are changing all the time, which is part of the fun.  So what better topic to embrace each month?

How it Works...It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!:
1)  In the middle of every month, I'll announce a new trend that is either here or forthcoming.  You'll have a week to pull together a style and take photos.

2)  When the date arrives, simply link-up your specific post using the link widget I'll have posted on Marionberry Style.  

3)  Include a link back to Marionberry Style from your site so this "Trend of the Month Challenge" stuff makes sense to your readers.  Plus it's nice and helps spread the word!

And that's it!

So without further ado...
Your first "Trend of the Month Challenge" is:

Yellow Tank - Christopher Kane (Purchase HERE)
Taffeta Pencil Skirt - Marc by Marc Jacobs (Purchase HERE)
Heels - Brian Atwood Alima Neon Pumps (Purchase HERE)
Wallet - Balenciaga
Earrings - Kendra Scott (Purchase HERE)

Wednesday, March 21

I'm excited for several reasons:
1) I'll get to know each of your blogs a little better.
2) You'll get to know each other's blogs a little better.
3) We all get to see how other bloggers interpret a current trend each month.

So I hope you'll join me (I'm a little nervous about I'm crossing my fingers that you are as excited as I am!)

So what do you think? 

XO - Marion

PS - See my blog post HERE on how to rock the Neon Trend with ease!


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