The Company Style Blogger Awards!

Last night, style bloggers descended on East London en masse to attend the Company Style Blogger Awards. As I've probably blogged before, Company is my favourite magazine (especially since its recent makeover!) so to be able to chat with the team behind the magazine was, like, amazing. I genuinely felt quite starstruck!

What I wore to the awards (not looking quite on form as this pic was taken at the end of the night!) 

(dress - H&M, biker - Topshop, socks - New Look, boots - Charity Shop, tote bag - Topshop, belt - c/o F&F, goody bag - c/o Company!)

Everyone mingling over a cocktail or three:

Tweets with the #stylebloggerawards hashtag were projected onto the wall:

Company's editor Victoria White and Web Editor Theresa Caney announcing the winners!  

Carrie from Wish Wish Wish winning an award for best photography approximately 1 second after setting foot in the door!

Lily winning Best High Street Blog!

Myspace posing in a balloon - why not? 

My homeys: Kristabel, Jen and Lily!

Me with my award!! Well, AN award. I won diddly squat, but that doesn't mean I can't pose with Lily's award and pretend. Framed prints of this photo are on their way to my relatives as we speak - what they don't know won't hurt them! *Joke*

The stunning shoes on show! 

We got to see some of the new New Look collection - adoring that dress at the front - very Diner chic!

Yeah, the 'pretend it's ME on the cover!' shot worked out better in my head...

Lucy getting some detail shots of Kristabel's shoes!

Jennifer from Style East showing me her EPIC feline iPhone case. Totally getting one of these when I upgrade in a couple of months. She told me it was only a couple of quid on eBay - scouting around I think it could be this one for £1.15! *Bookmark*

I had to get a couple of snaps of the nail art going on. Check out Lil's Topshop nail tattoos! Gorgeous!

Kristabel rocking some DIY pastel leopard print:

After the fash bash, we headed to The Diner for burgers, fries and 'soda' - American stylee! Yum! 

It was the best night I'd had in such a long time. And, in keeping with International Women's Day, I must tell you I felt very proud to be among so many women blazing trails in the world of print and digital media. Girl power! 

For maximum goss, you can check out who won the awards, what the bloggers wore to the ceremony, and the night in photos over on Company's website. 

Do you read Company mag? And what's your take on magazine blogger awards?


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