Casual Friday + Moments of the Week

I'm honestly not a huge fan of this look.  
However I do feel it's important sometimes for me to show my "loser looks" 
so we can all learn from my mistakes!

STYLE TIP: When accessorizing with jewelry...know when to stop.  
Here I have layers of necklaces + watch + ring + headband.  
Earrings would have been waaaaaay too much!

Jeans - F21 (Purchase HERE)
Headband - L. Erickson from Nordstrom (Purchase HERE)
Necklaces - H&M (available in stores now)
Shoes - Cole Haan
Watch - Michael Kors (Purchase HERE)
Top - Nordstrom
Bag - Vera Bradley

So what would I have done differently for this look?  
Traded out the skinny jeans for THIS pair!

Moments of the Week

"Umm, Excuse Me?" Moment
A father shows up at school to meet with me about his daughter.  He is worried that she is going to get in more fights with other girls because "these girls be hatin' on her." The following exchange took place:

Dad: "My baby know what I'm sayin'...she just be trying to fulfill her destiny.  These lil' girls be trippin' on her and she be reactin' with her hormones!"
Me: "Okay..."
Dad: "Baby girl be reaching puberty yo.  She be getting bosoms now."  
Me: "Okay..."
Dad: "I mean, how old were you when you got your bosoms?"
(insert crickets)
Dad (looking right at my "bosoms!"): "10?  11?"
Me (completely red): "Um, I don't remember..."
Dad: "12?"

Oh, and did I mention his 8-month pregnant wife was sitting next to him the whole time?

"Things are Looking Up" Moment
So far so good!  
My goal this year is to beat the women who pick the teams based on how cute the mascot is or because they "had a friend go to Duke and they received a "really good education."  
Grrrr! :)

"What Just Happened?" Moment
I was in a first grade classroom doing my school psychologist "thing" and set my coffee down to help a student.  Well, when I'm done I turn around, grab my coffee and take a drink as I walk to another table.  This little boy follows me and taps my hip (yes...too short for the shoulder). He has the most gigantic grin on his face.  

Me: "Why are you smiling?"
Boy (giggling like crazy): "I like coffee!" 
Me: "Did you drink my coffee?"
Boy: "Maybe."

My responses fell into the following options:
a) "You owe my $2 kid."
b) "WTF!?  You're 6 years old.  I am not.  I need my coffee!"
c) "I just drank from the same cup as a 6 year old!?  That means I have his saliva in my mouth!  Oh golly I'm going to be sick!"

But being the professional that I am, I chose:
d) "hmmm, okay.  You drank my coffee.  Bring me your lunchbox."

And then I took his cherry-flavored Capri Sun.  Tit-for-tat I say!

Thanks for a great week friends!  
Please know how much it means to me that you stop by... 

XO - Marion


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