Can You Wear Pink to the Office?

"I had to earn the right to wear red."  
- Female CFO (and friend)

This statement was made by a former client of mine (back in my event planning days) and it has always stuck with me.  She works in the very conservative banking world and climbed her way up the ladder sporting a uniform of beige + black + grays.  But after 25 years and earning a big corner office, she feels she finally has earned the right to celebrate color at work.   

 So my question:
Can the modern working girl wear pink to the office?

 I say YES!  
Well, depending on your work environment and dress code of course. 
 But I tend to lean towards the feeling that NO color is truly 
off limits in today's modern working environment.

In a conservative work setting, embrace fun colors through accessories and layering.  This pink skirt may not work, but a rich pink scarf paired with a 
gray suit is beautiful + restrained.

The bow detail on the shoes mirror the fun bow details on this H&M skirt.

Shoes - Nordstrom
Skirt - H&M (Purchase HERE)
Blouse - J.Crew (Purchase HERE)
Clutch - DSW
Earrings - Nordstrom
Watch - Michael Kors (Purchase HERE)
Bracelets - Nordstrom

So can you wear pink to the office?  And if so, would you?

XO - Marion


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